Snow Files

Episode Transcripts

December 2, 2020

Thank you to our amazing transcription team! Pamela Westby, Melinda Wargacki, Cathy McElhaney, Caywood Yamnik and Jinger Fiola. HUGE shout out to Pamela Westby for heading everything up. You guys are amazing!


Episode 1: Snow Files - The Crime Scene

Episode 2: The 11th Hour Witness: A Start Witness is Born

Episode 3: Key Witness Wrap Up

Episode 4: Nobody Bats a Thousand

Episode 5: Hindsight's Always 20/20

Episode 6: Snitch Parade with Special Guest Paul Ciolino

Episode 7: Drive by Confession: Ed Palumbo and Shannon Schmidt-Wallace

Episode 8: It's My Party and I'll Lie if I Want To: Steven Scheel and Molly (Pfister) Esche/Eades

Episode 9: Show Me the Money: Randy Howard

Episode 10: The One Night Cellie: Bill Moffit

Episode 11: Bridge Over Troubled Robber: Ed Hammond

Episode 12: Nothing Left to Booze: Bruce Roland

Episode 13: Karen Calls the Cops: Karen Strong

Episode 14: Whose Lie is it Anyway? Witness Recap Trivia Game

Bonus Episode: Message in a Bottle: Call to Action to Help Jamie Snow

Episode 15: I Got Life with a Little Help from my Friends: Kevin Schaal and Jody Winkler

Episode 16: Lies My Preacher Told Me: The Reverend Bill Gaddis

Episode 17: Be Afraid, Be Mary Afraid: Mclean County Correctional Offi8ikmcer - Mary Burns

Episode 18: Gal Pals: Julie Knight and Bridget Logsdon

Episode 19, Part 1: Jamie Takes the Stand

Episode 19, Part 2: Jamie Takes the Stand

Q&A: Jamie Responds to Questions about his Testimony

Episode 20: The Truth Never Changes - Closing Arguments8i

Bonus Episode: Jamie's Remarks on the Closing Arguments

Episode 21: Post Trial Motions - Better off Alone

Bonus Episode: Proposed Parole for Natural Lifers - Discussion

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